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Updated 30/01/2017    

1970 XW Falcon GT-HO Phase II - in Silver Fox Code TRL8D

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Only produced 402 XW Phase II’s before it was superseded and these cars were not stripped down racers like some of Holden’s later offerings but were everyday drivers.

The second of  ‘Grand Touring Handling Option’ models was able to run down the standard quarter in 14.4 sec, and reach 100mph in only 17 sec. The retail price of the XW Falcon GT when new was $4,250, and with the HO option added the price becomes $4,495.

When the XW was released Ford Australia’s market share target was 25%, but after selling nearly 100,000 vehicles by October 1970, sales had surpassed this expectation to 26.4%

The XW first appeared in the Datsun Three Hour race at Sandown in September 1969 with eight Fords pitched against seven GTS350 Monaro’s and finished first, second, and third.

This new Superscale release in the popular Silver Fox colour will no doubt follow all previous models and sell out quickly.