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Updated 30/01/2017    

1960 XK Falcon Sedan - Special, Gold Plated 50th Anniversary Edition Code TRG26

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With the release of the XK Falcon in 1960, Ford finally had a serious contender to the Holden in the family car category. The first Falcon was exceptionally popular – half a million people packed Ford dealerships to see the sleek newcomer. Plus, XK Falcon sales doubled Ford’s share of the Australian car market! Now, Trax celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the original Falcon with our first gold plated Ford model. This really is a must-have edition, given Falcon’s place in the big three. Secure this one now in readiness for the gold plated R Series Valiant, that way you will have the set of all gold plated editions – the first model produced by Holden, Ford and Chrysler in Australia.

1:43 scale model car