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Updated 30/01/2017    

1965 AP6 Valiant Regal Sedan - Dark Red/ Maroon interior Code TR81

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 Luxurious AP6 Valiant Regal has arrived

The 1965 sales brochure hailed “Every Year Valiant Gets Even Better – And Its Value Gets Even Bigger”. It seems the Australian buying public agreed, with Chrysler producing up to 200 cars per eight hour shift and yet still unable to keep up with demand. The AP6 was more than just a ‘facelifted’ version of the previous AP5, with new engines, transmission and brakes. The AP6 range also saw the introduction of the first V8 engine to be offered by a local manufacturer. Externally the AP6 also featured new rear and front styling, most notably the stunning, three sectioned grille. The centre section has 14 horizontal bars which match the body colour, whereas the two side sections have six chrome bars.

The brand new Trax model of the upmarket AP6 Valiant Regal is every bit as exciting as the original car with exquisite fine detailing inside and out. So much so that Trax believe this is the finest 1:43 scale release to date. Take a closer look at these photos and you’ll notice the perfect replication of the colour coordinated grille, narrow band white wall tyres and the two-tone steering wheel. Chrysler introduced an all new acrylic enamel paint with the AP6, known as ‘Diamonite’ and also offered a metallic finish for the first time on a Valiant. These new Trax AP6 releases beautifully portray the original colours of Dark Red with Maroon interior and Medium Turquoise Metallic with complementing Green Aqua interior. It’s hard to decide which looks best!

1:43 scale model car